Mandana Chemie is manufacturer of can coating and compounds . The term “Can” usually refer to a wide range of metallic packaging including food and beverage cans , jar caps , crown caps ,can ends , aluminum tubes , and etc. The CAN manufacturer buys tinplate (steel ) sheets and applies organic coating on both sides .Mandana Chemie’s job is to provide these organic interior and exterior coatings and also sealant for these industries Mandana Chemie established at 1991 as manufacturer of Can Coating and Compounds. Her leadership in this industry is demonstrated by expertise and flexibility to adjust the sealing and coating systems to customer’s specific requirement and needs. Mandana Chemie’s efforts and responsibility to society as a manufacturer of food grade :materials showed the road to Getting governmental certificates and seals for each and every product of Mandana Chemie as the first :company in Iran who was honored by Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran’s seal Iranian Ministry of Health certificates Complying with the framework regulation 1935/2004/EC and the product and materials all has the traceability at all stages Complying with the Commission Regulation No 2023/2006 on GMP :Selecting the ingredient of products considering CFR 21 : FDA 175.300 , FDA 177.1210  (2009  Ordinance of FDA on articles and materials (RS 817.023.21) of 23 NOV 2005 ( status on 25th November Raw material does not belong to substances listed in EU Directive 76/769/EEC All the components are out of CMR list and has not been classified to toxic or very toxic Our interior lacquer for beverage cans has been tested by Nehring institute.